These are the 7 scientific services I offer:

Least Cost Path
  • Determine the least-cost path from origin to destination using multivariate attributes
  • Identify density of paths in a certain areas
  • Calculate cost surfaces and evaluate least-cost path attributes
  • Measure visibility characteristics from source locations to the general surrounding area
  • Binary visibility measures between pairs of locations
  • Optimal location selection for maximizing visibility aspects
Network Analysis
  • Centrality measures
  • Isolation and accessibility measures
  • travel paths and network paths optimization
Location Allocation
  • Allocation of resources to hubs
  • Students-Schools allocation and optimization based on constrains and distance
Spatial Autocorellation
  • Spatial association between locations
Point Pattern Analysis
  • Density based measures
  • Distance based measures
  • Evaluation of spatial distribution of points against CSR
Data Mining
  • Identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems
  • Use machine learning and statistical analysis, along with data management tasks for clustering and association of data observations
  • Association rule mining, Classification, Clustering, Regression, Sequence and path analysis

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