The CRISTINA project

The research project “CoRona vIrus SpaTIal aNAlysis” (CRISTINA) examines the time series progress of COVID-19 events in 177 countries of the world. We collect daily data for events as well as government interventions and associate them with geographical time-series datasets in order to evaluate the rate of change. We also estimate future events based on assumptions of previous events in a time window of 5 days. Future projections, are based on assumptions and should only be used for educational reasons.


Title File
Kavroudakis D., (03-06-2020) Spatial Analysis of covid19: Oportunities and Threads, HellasGIS Scientific Meeting. (Greek) (“Χωρική Ανάλυση Covid-19: Προβλήματα & Προοπτικές”)

Research Questions

  1. What are the effects of stay-home lock-downs on flattening the curve of confirmed COVID19 cases by country for 177 countries?

  2. How did similar lock-down measures affect the curve of confirmed COVID19 cases by country for 177 countries?

  3. What is the relationship between: % of GDP for health and % of confirmed population above 65 years old by country for 177 countries?

Sample outputs


  • Daily COVID19 data for 177 countries (confirmed cases, deaths, recovered)

  • Government measures for 177 countries (lock-down, business measures, transportation measures, education lock-down etc)

  • Population data for 177 countries (age groups, sex, population density)

  • Health related data for 177 countries (hospitals, facilities, intensive care units, doctors, health funds)

  • Economic data for 177 countries (GDP, economic sectors etc)

Excessive Deaths

Excessive Deaths be age group. Comparison between Greece (left) and Italy (right).

  • Grey lines: deaths by week for the years 2005-2019
  • Black line: average deaths by week for the years 2005-2019
  • Red line: deaths by week for 2020
  • Green and Blue periods (x axes): the two lockdown events in 2020

Confiremed cases

Here you can find 52 pdf reports for 4 countries (France,Greece,Italy,Spain).

country date pdf
Greece 2020-03-05 Image name
Greece 2020-03-07 Image name
Greece 2020-03-10 Image name
Greece 2020-03-12 Image name
Greece 2020-03-15 Image name
Greece 2020-03-17 Image name
Greece 2020-03-20 Image name
Greece 2020-03-23 Image name
Greece 2020-03-25 Image name
Greece 2020-03-27 Image name
Greece 2020-04-01 Image name
Greece 2020-04-04 Image name
Greece 2020-04-05 Image name
country date pdf
France 2020-03-05 Image name
France 2020-03-07 Image name
France 2020-03-10 Image name
France 2020-03-12 Image name
France 2020-03-15 Image name
France 2020-03-17 Image name
France 2020-03-20 Image name
France 2020-03-23 Image name
France 2020-03-25 Image name
France 2020-03-27 Image name
France 2020-04-01 Image name
France 2020-04-04 Image name
France 2020-04-05 Image name
country date pdf
Spain 2020-03-05 Image name
Spain 2020-03-07 Image name
Spain 2020-03-10 Image name
Spain 2020-03-12 Image name
Spain 2020-03-15 Image name
Spain 2020-03-17 Image name
Spain 2020-03-20 Image name
Spain 2020-03-23 Image name
Spain 2020-03-25 Image name
Spain 2020-03-27 Image name
Spain 2020-04-01 Image name
Spain 2020-04-04 Image name
Spain 2020-04-05 Image name
country date pdf
Italy 2020-03-05 Image name
Italy 2020-03-07 Image name
Italy 2020-03-10 Image name
Italy 2020-03-12 Image name
Italy 2020-03-15 Image name
Italy 2020-03-17 Image name
Italy 2020-03-20 Image name
Italy 2020-03-23 Image name
Italy 2020-03-25 Image name
Italy 2020-03-27 Image name
Italy 2020-04-01 Image name
Italy 2020-04-04 Image name
Italy 2020-04-05 Image name

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