These are 6 of the latest Research Projects I’m involved:

Name Details Start End
SDEM Smart Devices of Environmental Monitoring for Public Buildings Link 2020 2022
LIFE TERRACESCAPE The aim of the project is the restoration and re-cultivation of a prominent element of the Mediterranean landscape, the drystone terraces, aka “pezoules” throughout Greece, and “aimasies” in Andros. The main objective is the demonstration of the benefits (economic, cultural, ecological) deriving from such a prospect and its on-site multiplier application. The ultimate goal is the creation of adapted “green infrastructures” as an offset to the impacts of climate change. The project will take place in Andros Island with the aim of expanding to other Aegean and Mediterranean islands. 2017 2021
Geographical Analysis of roads for the islands in the Northern Aegean Region Analysis of spatial networks in the islands of the North Aegean Regional Authority with the use of Graph Theory and Spatial Statistics 2016 2017

MARISCA: Marine Spatial Planning in the Aegean Sea for the protection and conservation of biodiversity, European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism, 2009-2014.

Protection and conservation of biodiversity in the context of integrated Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Aegean Sea. The ultimate goal of MARISCA is to propose a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and protection zones for the conservation of all important and vulnerable habitats and species, as defined by national and community legislation and international agreements.
2015 2016
MedScapes: Landscape Character Assessment Landscape Character Assessment for the Mediterranean region based on quantitative and qualitative approaches 2014 2015
GeostatENV Advance research in geostatistics with applications to environmental modeling and natural resources management. Make novel advancements in three critical aspects of statistical analysis involving spatially-referenced environmental data: (i) description of spatial patterns over multiple environmental variables, (ii) cross-resolution geospatial data analysis and integration, and (iii) computationally efficient assessment of uncertainty in spatially distributed environmental models. 2012 2015

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